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Jeremy Nicoll ASF Project Engineer
Alaska Satellite Facility
Geophysical Institute, UAF

Nicoll received a BS degree in chemistry (1995) and an MS degree in analytical chemistry (1997) from Brigham Young University.

He taught for two years as a high school and elementary science teacher at a private school in Utah before moving to Alaska. In 1998 he joined the staff at UAF’s Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) as a Calibration Engineer, focusing on analytical and statistical approaches to radar product quality. In 2001 he worked as a Software Developer where he developed signal-processing algorithms related to synthetic aperture radar (SAR). He moved into management two years later, when he was appointed the lead of ASF’s Technical Services Office and became the Engineering Center Manager in 2004, where he introduced innovative software development methods and processes. His two research passions are remote-sensing archaeology and ionospheric effects in radar data.